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      If someone had told me that all my life problems could disappear in 4 hours, I would have called them a liar. Little did I know that 3g of Golden Teachers would change every aspect of my life!

      Growing up in an abusive household and being bullied my entire time in school led me to attempt suicide twice as a child. Then repeated failures in my adulthood and my horrific childhood past being brought to light (without my consent) in my 30s led me to down the road to suicide again.

      As I sat in my car deciding if this was truly the end for me I thought, “I’ve got to try to save myself, get out of my head.” So somehow I came across Shroom Bros.

      I was nervous as I didnt do “drugs!” But I read the reviews about Golden Teachers and I thought, “What if this brings me some peace?” So I ordered, bought a lemon and played a calming 4hour-MV on my TV.

      I noticed after a half an hour the entire room brightened as if the sun was in the corner of the room. As much as I loved the brightness and vivid colours I did start getting in my head,”Oh my God, why did I do this? What if I get scared!” I started to panic.

      I then stopped myself, “No, you wanted to do this! Whatever happens will happen and you will learn something.” I closed my eyes as the music filled my head. I was in the universe and there was an energy there. This energy showed myself as a black entity. The blackness was every negative thought I had about myself, it was the pain I had been collecting and holding onto for the last 30 years. I started to cry heavily and the energy told me that I was allowed to have emotions. At that moment the black entity turned to dust and disappeared. I had watched my old self die and I was reborn as an empty vessel ready to let in all the light.

      I cried as if I was letting out 30 years of tears I hadn’t known were sitting inside me. The energy told me that I should be proud of who I am because I have achieved so much on my own ever since I was a small child and that it was the expectations of others that beat me down. That I was not the labels I was given. That society wants to put everyone into a box of “who you are.” But really at any time in your life you decide who you are and you can be anything!

      The feeling of love was strong during this session. Then I had a funeral for my sister. No, she is not dead but she was big part of my life and then when our childhood traumas came to light she decided to leave the entire family. I realized that having spent almost 30 years with someone and then just not seeing them ever again is like losing someone to a death. So at this funeral I apologized to her that I couldn’t have done more to save her or I during our childhood but that I couldn’t carry those scars or memories anymore. To fully heal I had to live my life to the fullest and truly be happy. I got to really say goodbye to her. Again 30 years of tears came out.

      I then asked the energy if I could visit my grandmother who had passed a few years ago and the energy told me that if you don’t deal with your problems while you are still alive that you will carry them to the afterlife and still have to work on them. My grandmother was still working on her own problems so she was unable to visit me. I felt reassured with that answer and was glad I was working through my problems in this moment.

      I started to see that we are all connected through nature. The water we drink and the food we eat. That the earth is constantly recycling itself and we are here to live not be sad or constantly work to chase dollars. Money practically has no meaning to me anymore and it makes me sick to see people working themselves to death for money. We need to spend time with our loved ones, with nature and most importantly ourselves. Get away from work, get away from electronics and truly let the happiness that we all have inside of us shine out.

      The energy then ask me a question, “Do you know why no one else has visited you?” It hit me hard in that moment that with how I grew up I really had no one who ever supported me and I truly had been pushing through life on my own for so long. I needed to really cheer myself on at this point and only chase happiness. So I was expecting someone to visit me because I had always looked for others approval and for them to validate me as a person but I knew in that moment the only person I needed to impress going forward was myself. Those who don’t want to be in my life don’t have to be and that is okay! I don’t have to chase people, if they want to be in my life they will! And if they end up leaving overtime I’m okay with that too!

      Now I’m truly my best friend to myself and I just want to love harder and see other people happiness. I was so thankful that I started to thank everyone! Thank you to person who made my comfy bed, thank you to the YouTube person for making this calming video and not putting ads in it, thank you Shroom Bros for being available to Canada and giving me this therapy!

      To think I was seconds away from ending my life over things that truly didn’t matter to now where I want to experience the entire world and bring everyone with me has truly changed my life. I did my first trip about a month ago and I’m still riding high on the clearing of my soul and how amazing it is to no longer feel the pressure of society. Thank you all so much and I hope my trip helps others realize they can get better too! Love yourself!

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      I love your story.

      Boy am I glad you found the healing powers of mushrooms.

      After my first session with mushrooms in August of 2018 I came out of it with a profound understanding of the important things in life and found a path to follow.

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      Wow, really powerful story. I love reading about how mushrooms took someone to a better place in their own mind. This is the way!

      Thanks for sharing


      My Favorite trippy quote:

      “Do you think I’ve gone round the bend?”
      “I’m afraid so. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”
      ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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      wow what a blessing this story is.

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      I’ve gotta agree with everyone else, Djrams: what an incredible story. So much of it resonated with my own experiences leading up to my decision to try mushrooms–especially the bullying & abuse. And how amazing that something that grows from death & decay can open new doors onto renewed life!

      Thanks so much for sharing your powerful story!

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      I’m happy for you Djrams

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      Thank you everyone! I truly appreciate all the kind words and still can’t believe how lucky I was to experience this. I’ve started helping other loved ones through this process of healing and I can honestly say my life and the peoples around me has gotten so much better!

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      wow, very touching story, I’m truly happy for you. I can relate on many levels and found the part about nature refreshing, I feel the same since having some emotional trips. Some people think water is intrinsic and has memory which is an interesting subject for those who might be interested. thanks for sharing

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      Mushrooms for the win

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