Albino Roller Coaster Magic Mushrooms

If you’re ready for a wild ride, then let us introduce you to Albino Roller Coaster magic mushrooms. When you hop on this strain, you won’t want to get off.

That’s because Albino Roller Coaster is pure joy from start to finish. First, you’re pulled up and up as you reach heights of pure euphoria and awe.

Then, you’ll be dropped into feelings of excitement and wonder. Then, you’ll coast back into reality with a beautiful and positive afterglow.

You need to buy your ticket to Albino Roller Coaster because there’s nothing like it. But if you’re not convinced or want to know more, then continue reading below.

Albino Roller Coaster Strain History

Strap in because the story behind Albino Roller Coaster is a wild one. For starters, Albino Roller Coaster is a strain that the world-famous Magic Myco developed.

Magic Myco is at the forefront of developing new and mind-blowing strains. For example, Magic Myco were the mad scientists behind the Tidal Wave strain.

This revolutionary strain fundamentally changed the magic mushroom strain game forever. After all, it won the first Psilocybin Cup in Oakland, California.

But Magic Myco wasn’t done with the strain just yet.

After cloning and isolating their master Tidal Wave strain, they then isolated another magnificent strain called Rollercoaster. This strain produced even stranger mutations than the famous Tidal Wave strain.

Then, the mad lads decided to isolate and create a leucistic version of Rollercoaster. After a lot of work, the Albino Roller Coaster (ALC) was born.

Albino Roller Coaster Magic Mushroom Appearance

ALC magic mushrooms are not truly albino but leucistic. Leucism means that an organism has reduced pigmentation.

Albino means that there’s a complete lack of pigmentation.

Yet, when you gaze at an Albino Roller Coaster magic mushroom, you won’t be able to tell the difference. That’s because these unique mushrooms are entirely snow-white.

Their caps are nearly folded inside out, with many waves running around the edges.

You may notice blue bruising when you receive your ALC magic mushrooms. This bruising happens when psilocybin reacts with oxygen.

However, it’s a normal process that happens to all magic mushrooms. It can occur during harvest, transportation, or even in storage.

If you see bruising, then don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t change the potency or effects of your psilocybin mushrooms.

Albino Roller Coaster Strain Effects

Albino Roller Coaster magic mushrooms are an absolute joyride. Once you take these shrooms, you’ll feel the g forces.

You’ll be catapulted to heights of pure euphoria, wonder, and some introspection. Yet, your mind will be completely clear, and your body will feel relaxed but not heavy.

At higher doses, you’ll experience super clean visuals. Expect breathing illusions, sharper vision, and fractals.

Taking Albino Roller Coaster Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

Albino Roller Coaster is a suitable strain for recreational experiences. Even though it’s a potent strain, it doesn’t feel too uncontrollable.

Just remember to take a smaller dose to be on the safe side. Then, you’re sure to have an incredible experience alone or with friends.

Since ALC magic mushrooms are relaxing, we recommend taking them when you want to plant yourself somewhere. That can be at the campground, on the beach, or even on the sofa.

As ALC begins to kick in, you and those around you will find it hard to quit laughing and smiling. Then, you’ll feel a solid connection to those around you and your environment.

ALC is also an excellent strain for creative pursuits. Pick up a paintbrush or sit at the piano, and the creative juices will start flowing.

However, keep in mind that you should always stay safe when taking psilocybin mushrooms. That means no driving or doing anything even slightly risky.

Bring enough food, water, and essentials with you for your trip. Always consider that magic mushroom trips can last 4-6 hours.

Taking Albino Roller Coaster Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

As scientists have discovered, magic mushrooms have many mental health benefits. Reduced anxiety and depression, more meaning, well-being, openness, and more.

Yet, most of these benefits come from something known as a magic mushroom spiritual experience. Often, this is also called ego dissolution or ego death.

This is the name given to a highly profound magic mushroom experience. Many people feel as though they’ve died or that they have become one with the universe.

Or other people can process their emotions and memories with extreme clarity. This mind-expanding experience helps people see themselves and their problems in a new light.

However, having a magic mushroom mystical experience is easier said than done. One needs to be in the right place and have a receptive mental state.

This is commonly called the set (mindset) and setting (environment). These two factors significantly affect how a trip will turn out.

In the right mindset and place, you may have a life-changing experience. But, preparing your set and setting requires time and patience.

If you’re interested in a spiritual journey, we recommend reading a set and setting guide.

Once you feel prepared, you’ll need a pack of Albino Roller Coaster magic mushrooms. ALC psilocybin mushrooms will help launch you into the furthest reaches of consciousness.

How to Dose Albino Roller Coaster Magic Mushrooms

Albino Roller Coaster is a potent strain. After all, part of its lineage is the famously powerful Penis Envy strain.

Yet, as mentioned, ALC isn’t overwhelming and feels very clean. For that reason, we recommend this strain to experienced users and beginners.

We recommend starting with 1 gram or less if it’s your first time. If not, then 2 grams and upward will have you feeling just right.

Just remember to start low and go slow if you’re unsure how to dose. You can always increase your dose again, but you can’t come back down if you go too far.

Prepare for the Drop

Here at Shroom Bros, we offer only top-tier magic mushroom genetics for sale online in Canada. Our catalog is filled to the brim with new and exciting strains like Albino Roller Coaster.

We want to ensure that our customers can access the most cutting-edge strains and products in Canada. All you need to do is make a few clicks, and your psilocybin mushrooms will race to your door.

So if you’re ready for the ride of your life, then grab a pack of Albino Roller Coaster magic mushrooms before they’re gone!


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