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How to Lemon-Tek your Magic Mushrooms

Answered on this page: What is lemon-tekking? Does lemon-tekking make shrooms come on faster? Why does lemon-tekking work? Can I do lemon-tek with limes? In an earlier article, we discussed alternative options for consuming psilocybe mushrooms; for as much as we all love them, the flavour and texture can leave a lot to be desired. […]

How to Take Psilocybin Without Eating Mushrooms

How to take psilocybin without eating mushrooms? Questions answered on this page: Why do shrooms make me nauseous? Taking psilocybin without eating mushrooms? What is lemon-tek? Can I make shroom tea? How to make shroom edibles? Eating mushrooms isn’t for everyone. With the rise of people looking into mushrooms and psilocybin, there has also been […]

Can Mushrooms Cause Mystical Experiences?

Can Mushrooms Cause Mystical Experiences? Questions answered on this page: What are mystical experiences? Can taking psilocybin cause mystical experiences? What is the history of psilocybin usage? What are the benefits of taking mushrooms? While our modern usage of psychedelics can sometimes feel like a cultural relic of the 1960s, they have a long history […]

Alcohol and Shrooms
Is it Safe to Mix Alcohol with Psilocybin?

Is it Safe to Mix Alcohol with Psilocybin? Answered on this page: What is psilocybin and how does it impact the body? What is alcohol and how does it impact the body? What are the expected effects from mixing alcohol and psilocybin? What is a safe amount of alcohol while using psilocybin? What are the […]

magic mushrooms hiking guide
Top 10 Magic Mushroom Hikes in Vancouver

Introduction We all know that hiking & magic mushrooms go together like peanut butter and jelly; those Canadians who live in and around Vancouver are especially blessed with some of the most amazing, gorgeous, and secluded hikes in super close proximity to the city! We’ve selected hikes in Vancouver proper as well as in some […]

20 Quick Tips to Boost your Creativity

Introduction In life, we are constantly being tested in different ways to see what our limits and capabilities truly are. Creativity is no different: it is a gift that not everyone possesses and the only way to strengthen this gift is through constant diligence and practice. All that being said, we all sometimes feel stuck […]

Thinker Vaporwave
Top 11 Reasons to Try Magic Mushrooms Today

Introduction If you’re somebody who’s never used magic mushrooms before and you’re curious about them, we’ve compiled a list of 11 fantastic reasons for you to make the jump and try them today. We’re always here to help and support psychonauts of all levels of experience to have the best trip possible! 1. Magic Mushrooms […]

Top 10 Hikes for Magic Mushroom Lovers in Toronto

Introduction Hey Shroomfam! Since Day 1, we’ve had a lot of love and support from all of you in Toronto – and we get a lot of emails with people (both locals and visitors) asking where we think the best hikes in Toronto are to enjoy a magic mushroom trip. Well, we decided to do […]

terence mckenna trippy
The Incredible Life & Times of Terence McKenna

Introduction Praised by hundreds of thousands of zealous soul-seekers worldwide, Terence McKenna’s accounts of his experiences with psychedelic substances have gifted us with astounding glimpses into the otherworldly. His lyrical intellect and learned interests included shamanism, renaissance alchemy, archeology, Jungian psychology, and technology. This made him a polymath like the psychedelic scene had never seen. […]

Psychedelic Stocks: A Primer for Canadians

Introduction So, for some reason, some of the questions that we receive a lot are related to investing in the psychedelic industry. Questions like: Can I buy Shroom Bros stock? What are the top psilocybin companies to watch? What psilocybin stocks should I buy? Can I invest in psychedelic companies? What are the top shroom […]