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Amazonian Magic Mushrooms (Premium Batch)


Buy the best Amazonian magic mushrooms in Canada

Amazonian Magic Mushrooms are a well-known member of the cubensis family of magic mushrooms. In addition to its growing speed and the punch that it packs, it’s known for having a more short-lived and impactful high than some of its more mellow and longer-lasting cousins.

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The Amazonian magic mushroom can trace its roots to the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forests – where it is suspected that native tribes have engaged in its consumption ritualistically for thousands of years. It was first widely made available outside of its native area by the Pacific Spora company, who helped move the product first through the rest of Brazil, where it made its way through Latin America, and eventually into the United States through Mexico.

Amazonian mushrooms are highly touted for the powerful visual hallucinations they can produce. Users typically do not describe the effects as producing the same feelings of euphoria as, for example, the Mexicana – but the psychotropic effects can be much stronger. For this reason, amazonian mushrooms are recommended to those who already have some experience with their milder cousins, such as the B+.

However, those who are looking online to find a more intense hallucinogenic experience from a magic mushroom store in Canada need look no further

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Please exercise caution when experimenting with hallucinogenic mushrooms – learn your limit and trip within it!

20 reviews for Amazonian Magic Mushrooms (Premium Batch)

  1. Christian E . (verified owner)

    Had to pick up from the post office but the way they came packaged was impressive. Shrooms were good 3.5g had me trippin.

  2. Christian E . (verified owner)

    Insane visuals on these!

  3. Sarah J . (verified owner)

    Got such a good high from these!!

  4. Mark T . (verified owner)

    These magic shrooms were fire!

  5. Brian S . (verified owner)

    best priced shrooms in canada hands down, such a great experience!

  6. Mark T . (verified owner)

    Love the shroom bros 🙂

  7. Catstellation (verified owner)

    Had about a 1.5g-2g dose and had some really beautiful and bright visuals which was really impressive for that size dose in my personal experience. definitely would buy these again! Also found them super uplifting

  8. Justin Abelson (verified owner)

    Only had 0.87 grams and had a strong buzz all evening still coming down with some light visuals 6 hours later.. thanks shrooms bros

  9. Sam Murphy (verified owner)

    Pretty new to the use of shrooms but damn these were great very very visual not so much body would highly recommend!

  10. sangeerthan sasikumar (verified owner)

    Super fast and fresh love em

  11. Drivingguy (verified owner)

    These mushrooms are savage.

  12. kcros39 (verified owner)

    I can confirm this site is legit. I ordered 3.5 grams from Montreal on a Wednesday night, and they arrived the following Thursday.

    However, the effects were extremely mild. I took the whole bag, and all I got at my peak were extremely mild visuals and a slight buzz, barely perceptible. I was hoping for a potent, fun trip, and it just left me disappointed. I can only compare it to taking one hit from a joint with lots of tobacco and just a bit of weed, and experiencing a momentary buzz.

    Also, there wasn’t any of that typical blue color in the stems and caps, which I think is the psylocibin. Maybe that is why they weren’t strong?

    Hate to give a bad review. Love that Shroom Bros. provides this service. I will be ordering again in the future, giving it more than one chance, but I hope next tine the shrooms are a lot more potent.

  13. EmlynsMoon (verified owner)

    Great product arrived really fast and excellent customer experience! Tripped balls definitely going to order more!

  14. Jase (verified owner)

    These were excellent, high quality laugh and visual. Low stomach discomfort. The best I have tried here, and the first that I have bought a 2nd time.

  15. Pinkbeanie

    These are so amazing … just got to beat the sickness and space is beautiful

  16. Eugene Artyomenko (verified owner)

    Arrived really fast, haven’t tried them yet but exited for the weekend.

  17. Eugene Artyomenko (verified owner)

    Arrived really fast, haven’t tried them yet but exited for the weekend!

  18. Gabe (verified owner)

    Great strain. 2.5g is more then enough to have a great visual experience. To get a similar feeling it takes more the 5g of Daddy long legs or Golden teacher.

    Ie took 3.5 of golden teacher 2h later still nothing took 1g of the Amazonian 20min later I was tripping.

  19. Arcade (verified owner)

    Took 3.5g ended up throwing up 30min later but still had great visuals, honestly those are great for visuals but less for the feelings really recommend

  20. Richierich (verified owner)

    Amazing as always, and this company…. mind blowing quality. If you want the most intense trip of your life try the albino penis envy. Unbelievable to find this here

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