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Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms


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Golden Teachers are one of the most sought-after strains of mushroom. They are not grown quite as easily as some of the other strains, but their distinctive stout stems and broad brown caps, the intense and deliriously euphoric mind states that it can induce, and the powerful visual and auditory hallucinations draw in the most serious users.

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The exact origins of the golden teacher mushroom remain unknown – and its shape and size truly set it apart from the rest of its psilocybin sisters. There is one origin story that traces the roots of the teacher back to before the latest ice age – its spores trapped and surviving, and being released again with the melting of the caps.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the high from golden teachers is the feeling of enlightenment that accompanies all the beautiful visual hallucinations and feelings of euphoria. Many people express that their most intellectually- and spiritually-fulfilling mushroom highs come from the golden teachers, which contributes to their ongoing popularity.

Those looking to buy golden teachers online should probably have some pre-existing experience using some more mellow strains. However, an average strong dose of teachers should be around 2.5-3.5 grams, and a mega-dose could be anything from 4-7 depending on your experience levels and the high you’re trying to reach.

As always, it’s not recommended to mix hallucinogenic mushrooms with alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Use carefully, and we hope you enjoy our teachers as much as we do!


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15 reviews for Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms

  1. Hunter T . (verified owner)

    Golden Teachers was a pretty great high, had lots of giggles and enjoyable body high.

  2. Christian E . (verified owner)

    Great shrooms for the cheap price!

  3. James S . (verified owner)

    Super potent when making it into tea, love it.

  4. Harper G . (verified owner)

    Was decent, I found the blue meanies stronger but still not bad trip.

  5. Lillian J . (verified owner)

    Had a great time with this hiking with friends and camping.

  6. Julian T . (verified owner)

    Took 5 Grams of these babies in silent darkness, think I may have experienced Ego Death…..10/10 would recommend

  7. Addison M .

    Gnarly tasting but these fucked me up for sure

  8. Lily H .

    Best price for GTs i have seen online. Them shits potent

  9. Hunter T .

    My favourite shrooms. Great Deal

  10. Sillybilly (verified owner)

    These are really enjoyable! Pretty good euphoria. Also I have found that small doses of them help me sleep and actually give me an appetite so that’s a plus. Going to try the Amazonian’s next! Thanks Shroombros

  11. Southern Cannabis (verified owner)

    Amazing shrooms for the best price on the web right now! Haven’t had this good looking shrooms for a couple years 10/10 from me

  12. Catstellation (verified owner)

    They arrived really quickly in the mail. On a light dose my trip was very euphoric, functional and uplifting, on a heavier dose from this order I had my most spiritual and life changing trip. Feeling extremely fulfilled, I highly recommend these. Thanks!

  13. Catstellation (verified owner)

    They arrived really quickly in the mail. On a light dose (probably 2 grams) my trip was very euphoric, functional and uplifting. On a heavier dose from this order I had my most spiritual and life changing trip. I experienced ego death and astral projection on a large dose of 7 grams (possibly more, I did not weigh my dose). It was my first experience with that and I am feeling extremely fulfilled, I highly recommend these. Thanks!

  14. abolzicco (verified owner)

    Highly don’t recommend using a food scale to measure accurately Great mushrooms and super fast shipping

  15. Sully83 (verified owner)

    Can not beat the price tag on these, there is no way you can go wrong either by getting these babies. Perfect high, very enjoyable, great bag appeal, fast shipping, Hats off Shroom Bro’s, your my new best friend for 2020 lockdown season!


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