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Bowser’s Shroom Distillate

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Our magic mushroom distillate comes in 1ml syringes which contain 10 grams of concentrated psilocybin extracts.

We recommend taking 0.1ml for each dose to begin orally.

This 0.1ml dose is equivalent to 1.5 grams of magic mushrooms. (Will be filled to the 0.7ml mark on full syringe)

Our magic mushroom distillate is great for people who wish to have a strong high without eating dried mushrooms or have sensitive stomachs.



1 review for Bowser’s Shroom Distillate

  1. Chad710 (verified owner)

    The shroom distillate was super nice high and kicked in pretty quick.

  2. Pixieprincess (verified owner)

    glad you guys got these back instock, loved em 🙂

  3. Barttt (verified owner)

    damn brosss, this shit hits hard!

  4. Jameygood (verified owner)

    Was pretty good, bite less potent i found than shroom tea but still had good times.

  5. Stickybuds (verified owner)

    these syringes kickass

  6. Obomba (verified owner)

    love the bowser distillate! 😀

  7. Gordone (verified owner)

    Thanks for the awesome products Bros!

  8. Tyler Charter (verified owner)

    super firee effects and wavy highs

  9. shroomboss

    thanks everyone 🙂

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