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Malabar Magic Mushroom (premium)


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We recommend a dose for Malabar magic mushrooms to between 1gram and 2.5grams.


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18 reviews for Malabar Magic Mushroom (premium)

  1. KoopaQuick (verified owner)

    These Malabar mushrooms pack a punch. Heavy visuals and a very spiritual / ancestral trip even at low (+-2.5 gram) dose. Arrived quick and well packaged. Shroom Bros are the real deal. Stay safe!

  2. Sabicd (verified owner)

    The batch of malabar I received was fresh and incredibly rich in psilocybin – stocky stems with wide caps. I’m a very tall person, so I went with my usual 3.5g dose to start. What came next was a world of vibrant colours and uplifting euphoria that had me out of my body. Very powerful trip from these guys.

  3. Shawn Osolinsky (verified owner)

    We have tried other strains and this one really was different. It was amazing.. what shrooms should be. A spiritual enlightenment. Visually stunning.
    Thank you Shroom bro for a great fresh product.

  4. Ryan Reilly (verified owner)

    Some how I managed to navigate here lol had to props the Malabar.. 20 min after ingesting what was probably 3-4 grams I witnessed my lawn shimmer multi colours and parts turned into a Portal

    5 hours in and in now sitting outside perma smile and pretty sure a buffet for mosquitoes

  5. MikeScottZ (verified owner)

    Only bought 3.5g to try. My wife and I split them, actually received closer to 4.6g after weighing. After the intense giggle fest at the peak, the come down was absolutely amazing, visually stunning and deep euphoria. I was in high heaven and listening to Pink Floyd, havent tripped like that off so little before. Definitely a must try and then must try again lol

  6. Taz29 (verified owner)

    I did 1.6g and had a very nice relaxing high. Nice intense waves. Going to be making it into a tea!

  7. Scotchjones (verified owner)

    Visuals are awesome best mushrooms I’ve done in a long time. Very surprised at the quality of them. Recommend them to everyone to try

  8. Chelsea Bilsky (verified owner)

    I mean I had a bad trip on these but these fucked me up when ur on mushrooms it’s like wow I was uncomfortable asf I’m rating 5 star for the lesson it gave me current I’m coming down the dose was between 2.5 3G

  9. Mark D (verified owner)

    I took 2.5 grams with my gf, these guys fucked us up really bad. Don’t go close to that dose… If your not prepared

  10. Greg Sorenson (verified owner)

    Split about a 14g between 7 of us, very fast acting some within 30 min, tons of laughs, decent visuals, lasted about 4-5 hours, probably dosed a little light to really get the true effect of the visuals but the laughs were like no other good product and they were heavy on the bag they sent that’s ALWAYS a plus +++

  11. [email protected]

    Seemed pretty strong to me!

  12. Ziggy1999 (verified owner)

    These tasted pretty good compared to other mushrooms I’ve had, and like how most of them had some decently large caps. Good stuff.

  13. Leanne Swaan

    Tried these for the first time with my husband and these are potent! My husband did 3 grams in a tea and I did 1gram… way too much! Start small with these guys, I’m warning you lol

  14. Jacob Dolson (verified owner)

    Took 2.5g. Was a very mild high. Definitely expecting more after reading these reviews

  15. Kelly Thompson (verified owner)

    Wow! What a great trip infused with Fibonacci sequences, giggles, the grass crawling all over itself and beutiful visuals especially in well lit areas on just 1.7 grams.
    After both microdoseing and low dose trips the past week I noticed i dont need my anxiety medication the day I take malabars! my brother noticed my linguistic skills are building quickly and I found it remarkably comfortable to be in public and speak to strangers on doses as high as 1.4 grams because i was still socially intact and had that little anxiety! Truly amazing Conversational fluidity with doses of 1.2 or lower. These mushrooms are a case of less is more on the microdosing side so it really pays off! I bought 14 grams and got about 16 grams! These truly are MAGIC! This stuff is changing my life! Thank you so much shroom bros!!!

  16. Eva Marie Ceahorianu (verified owner)

    This brand of mushrooms are the best price I could find, very happy with that, great use in small doses to help me to fall asleep. This is all I use them for so if anyone has insomnia use about half to one gram and they make you tired enough to drift off. Have crazy dreams as well but can’t quite recall them but I know my mind was tripping in my sleep, it cool to dream and I dream in color so these help that along, before I could never feel I had dreams with the medication I took to help me sleep but add the half of a gram you will. Also as soon as you feel sleepy go to bed to do just that or it wears off pretty fast.
    Sweet dreams anyone…..

  17. Doit2020 (verified owner)

    Great, thanks.

  18. greatmaplegazoo (verified owner)

    I had 12.5g and sat with God. He has one hell of a sense of humor.

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