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Just like the name implies, these beauties come straight from the Caribbean Island.
Wanted to have a vacation but were blocked by the Covid-19 pandemic? 

Well, take flight with the Martinique mushrooms! 

They are typically smaller inbuilt but with dense pinsets and canopies, which give the perfect overview for more accurate dosing – perfect for beginners!


Martinique mushrooms differ from other mushrooms by giving a “clean”, spiritual and more visual experience rather than a strong body buzz. Your journey should start 15-30 minutes after digestion and give you a mind-resetting experience.

Our dosage recommendations are 1.0g for beginners since this one is a little easier on the body-high scale, between 2g and 3.5g is considered a good margin for the average user and 3g+ for experienced users ready for a walk in the spiritual valley. 

And as always, be careful mixing these shrooms with other psychoactive substances!
Other than that we can only say: Beautiful Island – beautiful fungus! Enjoy!




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A Car


I almost want to give them a bad review so less people will shop their sales. But the truth is, they can’t be topped. Trust me, I’ve looked. And the Customer service is 10/10! I honestly couldn’t say enough good to give them & their product Justice.

Chris Sagurski


Ordered for the first time recently, took 2 days to come in the mail in winnipeg. Super fast! Havent tried the mushrooms yet, but they look amazing!!! Would absolutely recommend! They even provide tracking info through Canada post so you know your package is on the way.

Bobby Rai


Absolutely awesome service. Highly recommended



Thank you! I felt like I blinked and they were at my door! 😂

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Martinique Magic Mushroom

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  • Gabriel Corriveau (verified owner)

    Wow ! These where my first ever time taking shroom… and it was fantastic ! Can’t even describe how it was ! One thing i can tell you is to try them !

  • Patrick Leblanc (verified owner)

    These are SERIOUS. Took 4.5g and yeah, it was full of very intense spiritual introspection. To me, they weren’t super clean of mind and they had a decent body buzz. Not a lot of bright visuals either. I much preferred Tidal Wave!

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