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By now, you’ve likely heard about the wonders of microdosing. After all, research has shown that magic mushrooms can have beneficial mental and physical properties.

But did you know that microdoses can also ignite passions between partners? If not, then allow us to introduce our Microdose Shroom Capsules Intimacy Blend.

These magic mushroom microdoses are formulated for those steamy nights in the bedroom. Experience more intensity, relaxation, and desire with just one microdose.

How is all this possible? Through our unique formulation of magic mushrooms, ginseng, maca, and fenugreek.

If you’d like to know more about each ingredient and what microdosing can do for your sex life, then continue reading below.

What Is Microdosing?

First off, it’s essential to know what microdosing is. Microdosing is taking a tiny amount of a psychedelic so you won’t feel its characteristic effects.

That means no tripping, color changes, or emotional shifts—no psychedelic effects, period.

In order to achieve that, one needs to take something less than the threshold dose. A threshold dose is an amount that one takes to feel something.

For magic mushrooms, the threshold dose is considered to be around 0.25 grams. Of course, this is just an estimate and not the same for everyone.

That’s why people microdose with much smaller amounts, like 0.1 grams or even lower.

Why Microdose?

So what’s the point of not feeling anything from psychedelics? Well, it all has to do with getting the benefits of psychedelics without the hallucinogenic experience.

The practice first started with LSD and was popularized by James Fadiman. Fadiman found that microdosing could help him in his day-to-day life.

He felt more productive, less anxious, calmer, more sociable, and overall better while microdosing. Since then, people have begun adapting microdosing to magic mushrooms.

They found that magic mushrooms are perfect for microdosing and offer all the same benefits and more.

However, the biggest game changer of microdosing is its consistency. After all, if you want the benefits of psychedelics, you usually need to go on a day-long trip.

One can implement microdosing into their weekly routines and get long-lasting benefits.

What’s In our Intimacy Blend Microdose Shroom Capsules?

Inside each package is 30 microdoses of our incredible Intimacy Blend Shroom Capsules. That’s enough microdoses to last a month or more of quality time in the bedroom.

Each capsule is stacked with:

  • Psilocybin mushrooms
  • Ginseng
  • Maca
  • Fenugreek

Each component perfectly harmonizes with the others to keep the night in motion. Read below to find out how each ingredient works.

Psilocybin Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

Most of the magic comes from, you guessed it, the magic mushrooms. The thing is, magic mushrooms work well with intimacy because of emotional communication.

After all, psilocybin (the active hallucinogen in magic mushrooms) has been known to turn down the ego. That can help couples feel more connected, open, and honest.

Not only that, but many anecdotal reports find that microdosing increases feeling and intensity. To kick up the intensity, we added 100 milligrams (0.1 grams) of psilocybin mushrooms to each capsule.


Ginseng is a root known as the “king of all herbs.” It’s named so because not only does it improve general well-being, but it can improve intimate nights.

It turns out ginseng has been used as a traditional aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. However, is there some truth to ginseng’s mystical powers, or is it all false?

Recently, scientists have found that the root can reduce erectile dysfunction in men and increase libido in women. On top of that, ginseng is also a potent anti-inflammatory.

To get the night started, we added 50 milligrams (0.05 grams) of ginseng into every capsule.


Inside each capsule of our Intimacy Blend is 50 milligrams of maca. Maca is another root plant native to the high mountains of South America.

Although you may have never heard of it, Maca is well known for boosting libido.

Unlike other aphrodisiacs, Maca can ignite a passionate night with ease. After all, studies have shown that maca eases anxiety, boosts mood, and can energize.

All these benefits together mean that maca is the perfect ingredient for a night with decreased inhibitions, deeper connections, and more intensity.


To round out our intimacy blend, we included 100 milligrams of the well-known fenugreek herb. Fenugreek can spice up many dishes but can also spice up a night alone with a partner.

Recent studies have found that fenugreek can boost the sex drive of men. However, it can also increase the libido, arousal, and orgasm of women.

All that means Fenugreek is the perfect addition to a long night under the covers.

How Do I Take The Intimacy Blend Microdose Capsules?

Taking a microdose is as easy as swallowing one whole. However, you should consider the timing of the microdose.

The thing is, microdosing is something that should be done consistently. Although this blend is specific for intimacy, you can also incorporate it into a schedule.

For the most benefit, we recommend you take a capsule at least an hour before you jump into bed with a partner. That way, the psilocybin, and other ingredients have time to work their magic.

Microdosing Schedule

If you’re microdosing on a schedule, then you’ll need to follow a plan. There are many plans, but the most popular are:

  • 5 days on, 2 days off
  • 1 day on, 2 days off
  • 1 day on, 1 day off

Remember, you can experiment and find your own ideal schedule. The Intimacy Blend is also specialized, so it may work and feel different from other microdose blends.

Ignite Your Night

If you want to spice up your sex life, look no further than our Intimacy Blend Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules.

Here at Shroom Bros, we sell only the most effective and unique magic mushroom microdose products in Canada. That’s easy to see with our Intimacy Blend, which any couple will surely enjoy.

Don’t wait another night, try our Intimacy Blend Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules and reignite your passion.

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