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PE #6 Magic Mushrooms (premium)


Buy the best PE #6 magic mushrooms in Canada

Penis Envy 6 – the return of potency!

PE6 is based on the Penis Envy strain but a slightly mutated, more potent variety of the psilocybe cubensis.


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Buy PE 6 Shrooms Online

The magic scientists have done it again! And now the Shroombros are happy to offer:
Penis Envy 6 – the return of potency!

PE6 is based on the Penis Envy strain but a slightly mutated, more potent variety of the psilocybe cubensis.


Ever wondered what’s beyond what you believe exists?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you!

This is the magic mushroom that will take you there and beyond. 

Since it has a strong potency, almost mind-resetting, it is said to have positive effects on people with depression*. 

The PE6 is beautifully shaped, has a great aroma and taste.

This is definitely one for the advanced consumer and beginners should first try the regular Penis Envy, unless you dare to walk between realms of reality 😉


Our dosage recommendations are 1g for beginners (gradually increase the dosage to increase effect), between 2g and 3g is considered a good margin for the average user (depending on your size and weight) and 3g+ for experienced users.

These bad boys/girls pack a PUNCH, so as always, be careful mixing these shrooms with other psychoactive substances!

Enjoy and if you’d like, leave us a review on these brand new babies!

*If you do feel like you’re suffering from depression please reach out, we are all a family and mental health is not something you have to deal with alone, we at Shroombros always have an open ear for you! <3




8 reviews for PE #6 Magic Mushrooms (premium)

  1. Dylan Radske

    I’ve been dabbling in psychedelics for over 10 years and these are by far the must strain I’ve come across on all aspects. Taste, visual appeal, residual onset affects… these were all as good as can be. Then , the visuals and feeling of warmth and love… I love Penis… Envy #6 that is.

  2. Adam588 (verified owner)

    My god these are amazing, I ordered 14 grams and got 18, and it only took 3 grams to get insanely gone. Love this site so much

  3. James Selman (verified owner)

    Great strain. 2g and had Great visuals. Easy comedown can’t wait to try 3.5. Will order these ones again !!!! Always good quality thank you shroombros

  4. Kdav75 (verified owner)

    Great service and product. My package arrived early with nice whole pieces ,not bits or crushed . Excellent, I’ll be buying again.

  5. BobbyZimZim (verified owner)

    Careful y’all, there’s no going back to your old reality after these.

    Hope you’re one of the lucky ones.

  6. macournoyer (verified owner)

    My first order on this site. These seem to have cured my insomnia. All I need is 3.5 once a week and on top of having an awesome trip, I haven’t slept never slept better than the 3-4 days following. I don’t feel as depressed as before. I received a bit more than I ordered and they were gorgeous and huge compared to what I was able to get 20 years ago. Novice beware they do pack a punch, start with low dose and progressively go up if needed. Will get again in the future for sure. Thanks for your hard work shroom bros.

  7. s7rafed (verified owner)

    These were so strong, me and my roommate took 1.7g each, had the best trip we have ever experienced! It connected us so much, and we just had an amazing time. Definitely recommend this strain!

  8. Mike Ginter (verified owner)

    This was hands down one of the greatest products I’ve received from ordering online, and not just in dealings with shrooms I mean anything I’ve ever ordered online. I’ve been preaching their praise since I tried them. Greatest nights of my life.

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