If you’re looking for a strain of magic mushrooms that will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, then look no further than PES Hawaiian magic mushrooms. These little beauties will lift you up into a state of pure euphoria with strong visuals.

However, you’ll need to take a little less than your usual dose because PES Hawaiian shrooms give an extra-strong kick. That’s because it turns out that these unique fungi have a lot of history.

PES Hawaiian Magic Mushroom History

Now you might be wondering, what does the PES stand for? The PES means Pacific Exotica Spora, and they were one of the first companies to offer spores in the High Times magazine.

That means that they’re old because getting dried mushies and spores today is as easy as clicking a button online.

Anyway, the classic PES Hawaiian (also known as PESH) was PES’ Hawaiian strain of P. cubensis. However, the P. cubensis we know and love aren’t native to Hawaii, so it had to have come from somewhere else.

Legend has it that the strain was originally collected in Florida, but no one knows for sure. What we do know is that it became wildly popular with mushroom cultivators worldwide.

As time passed, it became more challenging to find PES Hawaiian spore prints because the company eventually disappeared. However, dedicated mushroom cultivators kept spores of PES Hawaiian for safekeeping.

PES Hawaiian Description

We’re happy to say that we have and grow the original PES Hawaiian here at Shroom Bros Canada. We couldn’t let this fantastic strain get lost forever, and now we’re offering it here for everyone to try.

So what separates PES Hawaiian from other P. cubensis strains? For starters, PES Hawaiian looks like a picture-perfect cube strain.

PES Hawaiian has a medium stalk and a much wider cap than most other cube strains. One of its key characteristics is having speckled flakes that dot the caps.

While flakes are common to cubensis strains, the flakes on PES Hawaiian seem to be more pronounced and stick around even after cultivation.

PES Hawaiian is lighter in appearance than other cube strains and has a yellowish tint.

PES Hawaiian Effects

Now for the fun part. PES Hawaiian is renowned worldwide for its incredible effects that will have you coming back for more—if you can handle it.

That’s because PES Hawaiian shrooms are super strong. Many users report that even one gram of PES Hawaiian causes them to completely melt.

If you’re looking for a particularly intense trip, then PES Hawaiian mushrooms are definitely for you.

The come-up starts normal enough with a nice body buzz and a good dose of euphoria. Then, depending on the dose, you’ll begin to see some intense visuals.

Usually, visuals come on slowly and continue to ramp up over time, depending on the magic mushroom dose. However, PES Hawaiian magic mushrooms seem to skip the intro and go straight into particularly powerful visuals.

After the peak, you’ll be brought back to reality with heightened senses. The comedown is incredibly enjoyable as you relax in a state of pure well-being.

Likely, you’ll have a positive afterglow and heightened mood for days following the experience.

PES Hawaiian Dose

As we mentioned, PES Hawaiian shrooms are very strong, so you’ll need to dose them carefully. If you’re an experienced user, then you likely know how much P. cubensis to take.

However, you should definitely be cautious with these and start significantly lower just to be on the safe side. If you don’t mind taking a heroic dose, then you don’t need to heed our warning.

For beginners, it’s best if you start at a threshold dose. Threshold means that the magic mushrooms should be only a little perceptible.

From there, you can start taking higher and higher doses until you hit the sweet spot. It’s best to work your way up with these potent cubes rather than end up on an intense trip that you weren’t expecting.

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PES Hawaiian Magic Mushroom

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    Holy hell these are potent! And nice huge pieces. Some of the most impressive looking mushrooms I’ve gotten yet and had an absolute blast! Strong visuals for about an hour until it calmed down and had a euphoric gigglefest watching the goonies and team America. Will definitely get these again!

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