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PES Amazon Strain History

PES stands for Pacifica Exotica Spora. PES was a group of dedicated mycologists who ran one of the first spore shops.

Starting long before the internet was a thing, PES sold their spores through magazines. More specifically, they often used advertising in the famous High Times Magazine.

By contacting PES, one could get their hands on a selection of incredible psilocybin mushroom strains. One of which was PES Amazon—also known as PESA.

No one is quite sure where the strain comes from, but PES claims it comes from the Amazon. It’s possible they went mushroom hunting in the Amazon and brought some spores home.

Others think that PESA is a strain that came from the isolation of another Amazon strain. Whichever is the case, it doesn’t really matter because they’re amazing shrooms, regardless.

PESA was one of the strongest and most eye-popping strains at the time of its release. Although overshadowed by many modern strains today, it can still send your consciousness to outer space.

PES Amazon Magic Mushroom Appearance

PES Amazon magic mushrooms have the classic shroom look. PESA grows in small to medium-sized shrooms that cluster together.

PESA features caramel color caps that have a bit of a nipple shape instead of being completely flat. Once dry, the mushrooms lose much of their color and size.

After all, magic mushrooms are about 90% water. When dried, they lose most of their weight and shrivel up.

Drying magic mushrooms makes them last longer and more potent by weight. That’s why you’ll receive your PES Amazon magic mushrooms bone dry.

You might also notice that your magic mushrooms have blue spots on them. These are called bruises, and they’re totally normal.

So if you see bruises, there’s no need for alarm—the mushrooms are safe to eat and just as potent as ever.

PES Amazon Strain Effects

There’s a reason that PES Amazon has stayed in circulation, and it isn’t because of its looks. It’s because of PES Amazon’s intense psilocybin potency.

PESA is world-renowned for its mental and spiritual effects, which can lead one to have deep insights.

Yet it packs a lot of euphoria that will leave you feeling awe-struck and a host of impressive visuals.

Taking PES Amazon Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

PES Amazon is a strain that must be carefully dosed for a recreational experience. If dosed correctly, then it’s one of the best for a day of relaxing.

The solid mental effects of PES Amazon psilocybin mushrooms make them great for staying in one spot. We recommend taking them at home or somewhere you won’t move around much.

It’s great for sitting around and enjoying the fantastic view or soaking in good company. Soon, you’ll feel deeply connected to the people and things around you.

After a while, you may begin to space out and dive into your mind.

Just remember to always be cautious when taking any psilocybin mushrooms. Never drive and never do anything remotely risky.

Ensure you have all the essentials, including food, water, music, and good vibes. Also, keep in mind that a shroom trip can last up to six hours or more.

Taking PES Amazon Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

PES Amazon is a strain that can only be described as spiritual. Its deep inward nature makes them the perfect candidate for a spiritual magic mushroom experience.

A spiritual magic mushroom experience is one that can literally expand one’s mind. The experience can be so profound and awe-inspiring that it helps one think in new ways and view memories in a different light.

This personal insight can help one with myriad problems, reduce anxiety and depression, make one more open, and increase general well-being.

An incredibly intense psychedelic spiritual journey can also lead to a feeling of oneness. Afterward, many feel something greater than themselves, which can lead to more meaning in one’s life.

As great as this sounds, having a spiritual magic mushroom trip is challenging. Both your mindset and physical environment need to be just right.

Although that sounds simple, there’s much to consider and prepare for. There’s too much to dive into, but we recommend reading a guide or book.

Once ready, all you’ll need is a heroic dose of PESA magic mushrooms to bring you on the journey of a lifetime.

How to Dose PES Amazon Magic Mushrooms

Dosage can mean the difference between a light trip and a spiritual one. That’s why it’s always helpful to refer to a general dosage guideline like this one:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose (should feel something)
  • .25-1g for a light dose (recreational dose)
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational dose)
  • 5-5g for a strong dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
  • 5g+ for a heavy dose (spiritual dose)

The only problem is that different psilocybin mushroom strains have different strengths. For example, PES Amazon is a very high-potency strain.

Therefore, you want to be cautious when dosing for the first time. We recommend testing the waters with 1 gram or less.

Experienced psychonauts will want to opt for 1.5-2 grams for a solid psychedelic experience.

Get Lost in the Jungle of Your Mind

Getting PES Amazon magic mushrooms has never been easier if you live in Canada. That’s because here at Shroom Bros, we make shopping for the best magic mushroom strains online in Canada a breeze.

Purchase the shroom products you want and have them shipped straight to your door—double time.

We believe in carrying only the highest quality psilocybin mushroom strains and products. That’s easy to see once you try a pack of our expertly-grown PESA magic mushrooms.

So don’t wait another day—buy a pack of PES Amazon and be prepared to get lost in the jungle of your mind.

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