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If you’re looking for a smooth psychedelic experience, then you’ll want to take a trip with South American magic mushrooms. South American magic mushrooms are one of the most balanced strains we have in our collection.

It’s great for beginners and expert psychonauts alike. Continue reading below as we tell you everything you need to know about South American magic mushrooms.

History of South American Magic Mushrooms

One interesting thing about South American mushies is their name. For starters, magic mushrooms are an essential part of South American history.

For that reason, there are many types of South American magic mushrooms, and not all of them are P. cubensis strains. However, this strain is a cube strain, which narrows it down a bit.

So, where in South America do these magic mushrooms come from? Like many other strains, the history isn’t so clear, but the story starts with a mushroom company called Spore Chicks.

Legend has it that the original strain came from Venezuela. It’s unknown whether Spore Chicks sold the Venezuela strain as South American or were the ones to find it themselves.

The answer to that question we may never know because Spore Chicks eventually disappeared. In any case, we’re glad that this fantastic magic mushroom strain is still circulating among mushroom growers today.

The Appearance of South American Magic Mushrooms

South American shrooms are distinct from other cubensis strains because of their huge fruiting bodies. When you open up a pack of these, you’ll be surprised about just how massive these shrooms are.

Once South American magic mushrooms start to mature, they take on a darker golden brown color.

You may notice a bit of a bluish-greenish coloration on parts of the magic mushrooms. However, this is called bruising and is totally normal.

Bruising happens during harvest and can come from transportation and storage. Just remember that bruising is natural to all strains of P. cubensis and doesn’t affect the potency or quality.

South American Magic Mushroom Effects

We love the laid back feeling of South American magic mushrooms. You’ll feel like you’re at a beautiful tropical beach or in the midst of a stunning tropical forest.

South American mushrooms have an effect that’s equal in the mind and the body. You’ll be lulled into a feeling of pure euphoria while your body floats listlessly on clouds.

Taking South American Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

If you’re searching for a strain that’s perfect for recreation, then South American is the one you’re after. The potency of these mushrooms isn’t super high, so it’s easy to dose yourself out to a reasonable level.

Once these shrooms start to kick in, you’ll feel yourself deeply connected to the people and nature around you. The visuals will be soft, and everything around you will seem like it’s breathing.

Just remember to take South American magic mushrooms responsibly. That means no driving or operating heavy machinery and having all the necessary supplies to last you the entire trip.

Taking South American Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

If you’re ready for a spiritual trip, then South American magic mushrooms can show you the way. To get into a spiritual experience, you’ll need to dose yourself with a good amount of South American shrooms.

However, you’ll need to be prepared for the trip. To get a real mystical or life-changing experience, you need to make some preparations.

Remember that it all comes down to set and setting. These two concepts have been in use since at least the 1950s and popularized by famous psychedelic pioneers like Timothy Leary.

Basically, you need to consider your internal or mental state—the set. Then you’ll need to think about the physical place you’ll have your trip at—the setting.

The reason why these two things are so important is for two reasons. The first is that it makes it more likely that you’re able to let go and let the mushrooms take you to places you never thought possible.

The second is to keep you from getting into a challenging trip. After all, there’s no such thing as a bad trip, just a tough one.

How to Dose South American Magic Mushrooms

Dosing South American magic mushrooms is straightforward. These mushrooms have about an average potency—they’re neither too strong nor too weak.

That makes them perfect for beginners or those worried about taking too much. South American magic mushrooms are also an excellent baseline to figure out your dose.

If you’ve never dosed out magic mushrooms before, then take a look at this handy chart:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose (should feel something)
  • .25-1g for a light dose (recreational dose)
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational dose)
  • 5-5g for a strong dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
  • 5g+ for an extreme dose (spiritual dose)

How to Take South American Magic Mushrooms

You have plenty of options when it comes to taking South American magic mushrooms. For starters, you can eat them straight up.

However, many people find that eating magic mushrooms whole is kind of unpleasant and can cause nausea. The next most popular method is to make a South American mushroom tea.

All you need to do is weigh out your dose, blend the mushrooms, and then steep it in some hot water for about 10-15 minutes. Strain out the small mushroom bits and then bottoms up.

One thing you need to be aware of when making shroom tea is that it works faster and kicks in a little harder. It’s theorized that the psilocybin doesn’t need to be digested, so it starts to work faster when you drink it.

Take a Trip Down to South America

Here at Shroom Bros, we’re dedicated to bringing the best magic mushroom strains to everyone of legal age in Canada. We believe that the South American strain is a special one that you won’t want to miss.

If you want to see what the hype is all about, then pick up a pack of South American magic mushrooms today.





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