magic mushrooms and mental health

Magic Mushrooms and Depression: Everything You Need to Know 2021

Answered on this page: What are Magic Mushrooms? What is Depression? Do Magic Mushrooms Help with Depression? How Do Magic Mushrooms Help with Depression? Which Magic Mushrooms Work for Depression? Can Magic Mushrooms Cure Depression? Over the past five years, researchers in Canada and the United States have changed the public narrative around psychedelic substances […]

Magic Mushrooms and Canadian Law: Everything You Need to Know

Answered on this page: When did magic mushrooms first appear in Canada? When were magic mushrooms made illegal in Canada? Are magic mushrooms illegal in Canada today? How are magic mushroom laws enforced in Canada? What does the future hold for magic mushrooms in Canadian law? New research has Canadians increasingly interested in the potential […]

how to have perfect magic mushroom trip

How to Have the Perfect Magic Mushroom Trip – Everything you Need to Know 2021

Introduction We receive a lot of emails from our customers asking us about how they should take magic mushrooms to get the best experience: “What should I eat or drink with them?” “Should I take them alone or in a group?” “Are magic mushrooms better inside or outside?” “Which shrooms give the best trip?” The [...]